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Recruiting Services Internal Candidate Evaluations
Internal Candidate Evaluations

Internal recruiting is the process of filling a vacant position at a financial institution or credit union from the existing workforce. This is unlike external recruiting, which involves seeking out talent outside the organization.


Internal Candidate Evaluation Services

When a valued team member leaves, you may grapple with the question of whether to hire from within. An internal candidate evaluation makes sense because the person already knows your culture and policies well, but sometimes they aren’t the best fit for your financial institution – and valid reasons. 

With Shanley Search Partners, there’s no worry about making the wrong decision. Leveraging years of recruitment experience and innovative assessment tools, we can evaluate members of your existing workforce and establish whether they’ll excel in a new role. If you don’t have a position to fill but want to determine areas where current staffers shine or need improvement, these services are just as valuable. 

Internal Candidate Recruitment Explained

Internal recruiting is the process of filling a vacant position at a financial institution or credit union from the existing workforce. This is unlike external recruiting, which involves seeking out talent outside the organization.

Companies use internal candidate evaluations to fill roles best suited for someone with an insider’s view or knowledge. Another reason to go this route is picking from within encourages loyalty from employees. 

There are many types of internal recruiting. Examples include: 

The most common form of internal recruiting is a promotion, the one everybody hopes to achieve.

This entails selecting talent from one department, branch, or location to fill a role in a different one.

This involves suggestions from managers, supervisors, or leads about people who may excel in a new job. Sometimes, the best recommendations come from colleagues in the trenches. 

Fill a Position

Accurately Assess Your Team

There’s a school of thought that hiring from within for a leadership role is one of the most effective strategies available. A bad match, though, can be detrimental to the culture and performance of your financial sector business. 

Shanley Search Partners takes the uncertainty out of internal recruitment by assessing potential candidates before they get the job. We’ve decades of experience finding talent for the financial sector, but none from inside your company. As a result, we’re free of biases like friendships, differing personalities, or years of tenure.

Our experts discern a candidate’s readiness and suitability for an open position by asking impactful questions, evaluating past performance, and forecasting future behaviors. Not only that, but they query you about the responsibilities and characteristics desired for the role. 

Once the internal candidate evaluations are over, we provide you with our assessment. From there, you can decide whether an existing employee is right for the position or if outside recruitment is best. 

Building Trust 

An additional advantage of letting Shanley Search Partners evaluate internal candidates is transparency. As an impartial third party, we approach every person in a friendly, communicative, and open manner. 

Employee performance measured by an outsider may be more accurate and effective than when done internally. Interviewees understand we’re here to assess their performance, not other baggage. This removes a lot of resentment. When a decision is made, employees know they got a fair shot.  

Helping Employees Succeed 

Evaluation criteria are tailored specifically for a job, but there are many traits that we always strive to find during financial sector employee evaluations.

  • Service-Oriented
  • Positive Attitude
  • Helpful To Others
  • Communicates Effectively Within The Department And Outside Of It
  • Asks Thoughtful Questions
  • Responds Quickly
  • Demonstrates Personal Credibility And Honesty
  • Encourages Others 

Letting Shanley Search Partners handle internal candidate evaluations is increasingly valuable for high-profile leadership positions. Here are some examples: 

  • Chief Financial Officer, Or CFO
  • Banking Executives
  • Financial Managers
  • Credit Union Executives
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Benefits Of Internal Candidate Recruitment 

So, why might you want to hire internally compared to finding talent outside your financial sector company? There are many reasons. 

Lowers Training Costs

Most people take time to adjust to a new role, but internal hires onboard faster than external ones. Already part of your workplace, they understand the culture and protocols.

Costs Less 

When hiring internally, there’s no money spent on outside advertising platforms or job boards. Depending on your situation, background or drug screen might be unnecessary. 

Boosts Engagement 

Internal recruitment sends a message that you value your employees and want to invest in them. Giving them opportunities to advance their careers or move to different positions that interest them is good for morale.

Fill A Position In Finance

Your company needs top personnel to excel in the competitive financial sector. As a talent scouting firm focusing solely on this industry, Shanley Search Partners is well-suited to help you evaluate employees for open positions or find areas of improvement in their current roles.

All types of organizations in the financial space trust us for their employee assessment needs. Our focus areas are:

  • Financial Sector Employee Evaluations
  • Banking Employee Performance Reviews
  • Credit Union Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Fintech Employee Evaluations

To find valuable performers among your workforce, contact Shanley Search Partners. We’d love to discuss your needs further. 

Shanley Guarantees The Best Fit

Strong year replacement guarantee in the industry
Strong year replacement guarantee in the industry
Rigorous Applicant Vetting Process To Get Top Applicants
Rigorous Applicant Vetting Process To Get Top Applicants
25 Years Of Experience In Successful Recruiting
25 Years Of Experience In Successful Recruiting
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Extensive Database Of Networks Nationwide

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